Monday, June 11, 2012


 I don't have any fancy desk or anything. I don't even have a decent size room, but the room I'm in right now has to work as my living space, art space, entertainment space, etc. Sadly, for this reason, I had to ditch my drafting table, and I got a little creative. Lately I've been wishing I could afford some fancy custom made desk. Something that bridges the gap between drafting/animation table with office/digital art desk. Sadly there isn't a lot of furniture geared towards the artist of today (the ones that are are ridiculously overpriced), and since artists have a tendency to be particular about how they work I imagine it would be difficult to make a one desk fits al sort of situation.                        
 Luckily for me I used two pieces of furniture in my room to get something a little closer to the setup I want. The monitors are a little higher than I'd like  and I wish the desk came out from the wall a little more with an adjustable piece to work on my art at an angle, but this is pretty much the closest I've come to my dream workspace. Wish I'd thought of it earlier. Also, my TV is next to my desk off to the right, so I can throw on some lord of the rings commentary in the background or Cowboy Bebop while I work. It's the little things that count.

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