Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Once upon a time I painted a vinyl toy. It was partially for a friends birthday, and partially for the experience of painting on a three dimensional object. It now sits on a shelf somewhere carefully placed in it's original box and I know it's cared for and appreciated. I never posted anything about it because, I didn't have a blog yet, and I forgot to post anything about it when I started up my new blog. I probably have many things like this that nobody but I has had the pleasure of enjoying. I grew up with the mentality of art as an escape, and created worlds around myself to bring solitude to a chaotic surrounding. I guess I still bring that to the table these days. I promise to share more of it in the future.
I almost designed a custom toy for an art show in October, but decided against it. However it reminded me of these photos and I thought it would be perfect to blog about. This particular Custom Vinyl Toy, was done in a Star Wars theme since my friend is a huge fan of of the world those characters exist in. I created a cartoony looking creature to please myself while painting, and placed him in x-wing gear. I had the foresight to take photos of his progression. It's the only time I've intentionally done so for any of my artwork.