Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the semester hibernation and Hellboy

I'm back from my post semester relaxation with a little sketch I did of Hellboy. There's a little school pride and illustration pride in this one since Mike Mignola graduated from the same college I have a degree from and in the same major no less. Which is more than a little awesome. Also awesome were the classes I took from some animation and story giants, this last semester. Between learning from them and working on two portfolios that I sent in for internships, this semester has sapped me of a lot of energy. So I took last week off and refilled the well.
Some projects have already started lining up for this summer. Much of which I will be able to show you right away, but some of which I probably won't get to show you, at least not for a little while. The next 3-4 months is already looking fruitful in the art department, so stay tuned.