Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 Went to my fifth SketchCrawl in a row last saturday and had a blast. This time around I used my handy Tombo Brush Pen to cap off an entire semester of drawing from life with it. (no pun intended) As I move into the new semester I'm going to try to start working with tone to define my shapes. This will bring me back to my painting roots and round out my drawing skills once again. I bought a Kuretake water brush and a Winsor & Newton Cotman Pocket Box of watercolors which I started using this weekend to start off this new stream of new drawings right. Can't wait to see how my work looks by the end of the semester. As for now enjoy these SketchCrawl scribbles :D.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Sometimes when I get bored of everything else I sketch from some fashion blogs. The main two are Sartorialist and Street Style Aesthetic. I wouldn't mind discovering more sites with a wider variety of styles to draw. So please feel free to drop a link in the comments if you know of any.

Friday, January 6, 2012


 This is one of the first pages I've thrown together this week for the humble beginnings of my portfolio and I'm already feeling better about it than last year's. I still need to clean this page up and do some quick colors for the two top right images, but This is pretty much the direction I'm going in. I have a lot of fun things from summer and last semester to put in here, and can't wait to compile it all. I'm sure I'll also have quite a deal of images from my designing for shots to add to the mix next semester.
 I'm going to keep most of this under wraps for a while, but I thought I'd throw this image up here today to both let you have a peak and to let you know, you probably won't be seeing much of me until this is done, hah. Unless you're okay with my being preoccupied by relentless drawing when you hang out with me.