Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, I've hit some milestones recently. My birthday was last week, I just started school about three and a half weeks ago, and most importantly I've reached my 50th blog post. To be honest this, post is mostly about that last one. It's been a little over a year and 3 months since I first started this blog, and I don't intend on shutting it down or stopping my posts, so there will be a lot more art to come.
In celebration of this occasion I've actually constructed my very own banner, as opposed to just throwing a clipping of art up and having Blogger throw some text up in front of it. I decided to clean up an old piece of my artwork and add extra shadows and design elements to it to showcase the front page of my blog. You'll also notice I took some time and thought into personalizing a new template. I don't know html and did not create the template myself, but I chose something that was close to what I wanted and tried to tweak it as much as possible. I might make small additional tweaks in the future, but this is pretty much it for now. Maybe I'll change the look again for the 100th blog post, but for now enjoy a whole new blog.