Saturday, March 19, 2011


I thought it might be fun to share some of the backgrounds I've been adding to my animations. I've placed the characters in there so you can have a bit of the story to go with the original backgrounds. Even with all the portfolio work I've been amassing I've been trying hard to put a good effort into my classes as well. The combined efforts have resulted in lack of sleep, a drain in my energy, and a sweet body of work. These are two of the backgrounds from my current animation tutorial class. Having a setting as fun and appealing as the story in the animation is very important to me, and even though I have to rush these so I can get to the animation, I've still been trying to take care in making them fit with the story and in some cases even give hints as to what happened before the moment that happens in the animation. My teacher has been really helpful in guiding me to think about and perfect that stuff as well. In fact both of these have been changed from the original to better fit with the animation, and one of them has five versions that change throughout the animation to help the story progress. Anyway, enough talk. Enjoy!