Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi all! I recently I heard back from one of the purchasers of two of my favorite original works. They wanted to let me know how much they appreciate the art and sent me a picture of the works in their ceramic frames at their new home, and I can't be more pleased with this. They look happy in their new home. I also got to talk to the people that purchased them, and I'm reassured that these two artworks are in good hands.
Speaking of selling artwork, you can also expect to find me at the CCA Winter Fair this upcoming weekend. So, if you like my work I will have both originals and prints available for purchase. This will include but won't be limited to my zombie couple and first kiss prints. I hope every one can make it to that as well. I have some new works for it that are not yet posted on the internet. So come out and stop by. Even if it's just to say hi.
Also I was back at sketch Tuesday last week. You can expect pictures from that some time this week, and some of the art from it will be up for sale at the holiday fair too. So, expect another blog entry soon :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I decided to punch out a practice drawing in photoshop. It's always refreshing to look learn and draw. Sometimes doing your own thing can get stale without these basics. If you're in a rut, get out and draw, or you can just paint from a photo like I did. However, when I'm on BART or waiting somewhere with nothing better to do you can bet I have my sketchpad out.

For this picture I was mostly working on lighting, and drawing a tilted head in photoshop.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Once a month Dr. Sketchy's holds a figure drawing session at 111 Minna in San Francisco. I attended one for the first time recently and the sketches you see above are the results. I'm satisfied with what I ended up with. The model was awesome, the other artists were friendly, and the music selection, for the evening, was right up my alley. All in all I had a great night. I just wish it was longer than three hours. When you're drawing, that feels like the equivalent of three minutes. I believe they have a different model every month, so unfortunately Flame Cynders won't be returning this month, but I look forward to seeing their next choice. I have no doubt it will be a good selection. Hope to see some of you there this month.