Monday, August 23, 2010


I have so much artwork these days that I no longer have space on my own walls for the majority of it, and creating new work becomes bittersweet. On the positive side I have new work that I enjoy working on and sharing with people. An artist also gets better with every piece of artwork he/she makes. On the down side, the original might not get seen much after its completion. I can't tell you how much work I have hidden away, waiting to be rediscovered, and I'm a little afraid to delve back into it all and find out for myself. That's why I always love it when other people enjoy my work enough to take it home.
I just received some pictures of my artwork framed and hung on a wall. This is always a big thing for me, because it means more of my artwork has found somewhere where it will be seen and enjoyed. This particular person is even an incredible artist himself. I was lucky enough to get to take a look at his sketch work last Tuesday only to be blown away by his skills in the medium. It's truly an honor to have my art hanging on his wall. Thanks for the pics Levi, they're perfect.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I finally got the opportunity to scan some new Dr. Sketchy's doodles. This was the second Dr. Sketchy's I've attended in San Francisco and oddly enough Flame Cynder's (the blonde one with the feathery hat) modeled for both of them. To which, you won't find any complaints here. The other girl's name is Mynx d'Meanor. Something tells me neither of these girls used their real names.
I had a drawing buddy this time around, and I believe we bothered the girl in front of us with social banter and art talk. However, she did come late, drag a chair to the front, and popped herself in a tight spot effectively blocking the views of many of us that showed up on time, so she couldn't really complain. Unfortunately due to this girl, I couldn't really see the legs of the models which meant not putting them in or just making up the shapes quickly. All in all this was a good night. I got some good, energetic drawing in, received a drink token and a bag full of free art shwag for showing up early and helping set up, and I even sold a piece of my artwork in the other room. Which means I sold something at Minna three months in a row. Hope I can keep up that streak this month. Until then, enjoy the new sketches.