Saturday, October 31, 2009


Smort posted the game I worked on with them just in time for Halloween. The name of the game pretty much sums up what it's about. Here are the videos I'm aware of and here's the link if you'd like to purchase this iphone application It's only a buck so go out and buy it now. Unless of course you don't own an iphone, in which case it'll be a couple hundred dollars plus the dollar for the game. I'll understand you're not buying it if this is the case LOL. Anyway, the people at Smort are awesome, and you should support them. I can only hope that I get to work with them again in the future.
I also realized today that I've not been signing my full name on the original artwork I've been selling. Something I'll have to rectify from here on out. My signature will remain to be j*c*t, however since I'm in the process of getting my name out there I'll have to also sign James C Trujillo on the back of each original painting, just in case people want to find me on the internet. I wouldn't even mention it, but by the act of my typing it here it'll now be tagged and show up in a google search engine, hah.

Happy Halloween, and happy zombie hunting from Illustration Updates!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sketch Tuesday at 111 Minna

Sold some paintings at 111 Minna, and tried my hand at drawing in front of a crowd. It's going to take some getting use to, but I met some really nice people and had a damn good time regardless. I'll certainly return there next month for another round. If you're an artist or just enjoy being around art/artists, or maybe even want to get some fine art you can afford then I highly recommend going to this event. Also tap me on the shoulder and show some love. I always enjoy a familiar face, or even seeing new faces. Don't worry I'm not as aloof as I seem to be. I'm still working toward getting a spot at the big kids table, complete with more space, better lighting, rubbing elbows with popular Bay Area artist and a nice big name plate so that everybody knows who I am. It's amazing how easily people will find you without that though. After that I went to Postmortem for some drinks and schmoozing for potential industry jobs.
So next month I'm debating doing some pinup ladies. Which will mean larger paper. I'll also still be selling some of the smaller paintings though. I may or may not stay longer( I tend to only stay half the night so I can make it over to postmortem) Hope to see some of you there next month. Especially if you're painting.