Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had the good fortune to see Fantasia(1940) at the Paramount in Oakland this Friday. I've seen it on VHS a few times, and I saw Fantasia 2000 at the Imax in San Francisco, but this is my first viewing of the original on the big screen. I don't know what I enjoyed more the animation or the newly refurbished interior. For those that think that's an insult to the animation, please reserve your opinion until you've been inside the theater.
Someone behind me mentioned that outside it looks like the tower of terror, but on the inside it looks like a palace. Though not my favorite analogy, I'd have to agree that most would think nothing of this theater when they pass it by on the street. Choosing my favorite animation out of the lot was difficult, but in the end humor wins again. So here it is "Dance of the Hours"

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