Saturday, January 22, 2011

Character Designs for Ed Bell's class

For this assignment we were able to pick from about 7 different animated shows to design a new cast of characters for. Two shows stood out to me most, X-men and Jonny Quest. It broke down to a question of drawing superheroes or trying to match Doug Wildey genius. That said, I tried my hand at a group of characters that could fit in the Jonny Quest world.
I later attempted to go back into these and realized I wasn't in Wildey mode anymore. To which I promptly stopped and decided to post these as is. However in the same vein as Bandit I did try to give the Cheetah character more of a Hanna Barbara feel. I could easily perfect these further if I ever have the time, but for now enjoy the originals.

Also my nerd picks for a live action Quest movie would be Daniel Craig for Race and Liam Neeson for Dr. Quest. Best bet for Jonny and Hadji would be unknowns. End nerd talk.

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  1. These seem to be really coming together for you, James. Well done. I would still advise getting a model for them if you can; even if it's something as simple as checking yourself out in the mirror. The standing pose for the Aussie is pretty stunning (I have loads of reference of something very similar) but the gun feels awkward where it passes in front of her shoulder then behind her neck. Reference would also strengthen the shooting image, but I'll stop being nit-picky and go to sleep.

    Still, I don't want to be such a downer, they really are looking good.