Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I finished this design a week ago and completely forgot to post it. It's a quick design that goes with the story I want to do for another blog. I'm still trying to decide on the name for it so I can stop referring to it in vague terms. Maybe I'll just come up with a temporary name for the moment so people know exactly what I'm talking about.
This design is the first race of beings our main character encounters. For right now lets call the main character Nero (that was one of the names I was debating calling him). This race has nearly done away with all the nature of their world, and Nero is there to help them save their wildlife by taking it to Rift, an intergalactic wildlife preserve.
This species live their whole lives in these robotic suits. They're suspended in a mist that serves several purposes, one of which is the projection of their thoughts for communication. This race is benevolent and regrets the loss of their wildlife, but can't find it in themselves to stop their technological progress.

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  1. could you name those guys omnibots? just a thought...