Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My friend Jim and I have started drawing on location in various spots around Oakland and San Francisco. A tradition I hope we can keep up throughout the school year. I've decided to post some of the sketches here, and will likely post more in the future.
When I draw for myself I typically draw pretty girls and or creatures/monsters. For these drawing excursions I've decided to draw my surrounding environment. It's something I've been working on lately to strengthen my arsenal, and I have to say I'm enjoying it almost, ALMOST, as much as drawing beautiful girls. I've already seen improvements in the few sessions we've had, and I hope to put some of the still life's in my art department and story portfolios.
Also, I'll post my burlesque sketches from the last Sketchy's soon. Most of them are very quick drawings, seeing as I was busy socializing during the longer poses, hah. That was actually a fun night and I even sold a small $25 painting. Which reminds me. Some of you have been bugging me to post the most recent pinups. I have finished the final drawings but I'm waiting until the next Sketch Tuesday to paint them. I don't feel like doing a post just for the drawings this time around so when you see them they will be in their full finished glory. You can expect a mer"maid", a vespa girl, a pulp astronaut, and a homage to Frank Frazetta (who's energetic art has inspired me from an early age) in the next batch. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!