Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 This is a snippet of a Heist story I worked on for a class a few years ago. I broke these out again recently to find that they held up pretty well. The story originally started out as 24 beats and I had to fill in the blanks and problem solve how some of these scenarios were going to play out, such as 'how does a bandit get into an armored bank car'. I fixed a few things here and there, got a little feedback, and decided to share some of my story boarding work on this blog. I know it's not something I show as often, but it is a huge part of my artwork and something I love to do. I know I ended the snippet with a total tease, sorry about that . . . maybe I'll make up for it by cleaning up and posting a chunk of the dog fight scene from my rocketeer-esque story I worked on not too long ago . . . Enjoy!

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