Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 I had my reservations about posting this animation. It's almost a year old now, and I didn't post it originally because the whole last half is atrocious and overacted. I knew this when I was finished animating, but didn't have time to go in and fix it before the final class. I had to really push myself to get to this level of animation by the end of Andrew Gordon's class, but it meant, not as much time for fixing. Not to mention this was my first pantomime, facial expression, and dialogue piece I'd ever done, and I had already decided to put the majority of my focus in visual development and story. Though as I've said before Gordon definitely ignited the animation fire in me. 
 Sadly that fire will have to go somewhat unattended.  You might see more animation from me in the future, but I've been avoiding taking those classes this year so I can focus on developing my preproduction skills to a hirable level. I think I'm almost there, but I'm constantly trying to find new challenges for myself (and there never seems to be a shortage)
 Don't get me wrong. I love animation, but if I put my focus towards too many things . . . well, that's just not very focused at all. So until I have more time. Enjoy the first half of this animation. Hah.

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