Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tonight I was getting burnt out on some school assignments and decided to cool my jets with some fanart.
In which case I give you my first unrequited nerd crush ever! Screw learning to draw the marvel way from John Buscema. (I do own the book) I learned by drawing Rogue, and wolverine, more than my fair share. 
I wanted to keep Rogue's original look, but in my own style. It was a quick sketch with some photoshop touchups, but I'm pleased with it overall. Maybe except for the fact that in the original sketch I put her lower leg and foot behind her other leg, making it seem as though she's hobbling around on one leg and making a questionable silhouette . . . Anyway, I caught that too late, and tried to fix it in photoshop with some hodge podge foreshortening. Ignore the quick patch job and Enjoy it Sugar!

Inspired in part by the incredible Katie Shanahan's Rogue fan work.

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