Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, he's survived WWII, the coal mines and all thirteen of his ex-wives, and now you're going to find out how. Why? Because he's coming out to your house in the suburbs to live with you. You'll find charm in all his wonderful ways. You can be sure he'll leave cups of his  chewed up tobacco all around your house, walk around naked whenever he damn well pleases and teach your kids to play bloody brass knuckles.
I saw this guy over the summer. I was driving to pick my friend up so we could draw at the auto museum. Unfortunately since I was driving I only had a few seconds to take in the details as he illegally crossed the street and glared at me in such a way that said "I'm gonna find you and deal with you later, but first I'm gonna fish my smoke and take a piss." The guy was already a perfect caricature so I doubt my memory did him much justice, but here you go.

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