Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I signed up to volunteer for GDC yesterday, and decided to start a new blog as a catalyst for new concept art of a complex and fertile world. I originally started the above picture as a design for a vinyl toy painting, but after signing up as a conference associate, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kick this thing off. Essentially, I'm beefing up my portfolio for the conference, and I'm going to create a narrative to share with everyone on the blog. The blog itself won't be ready until after March, and I may post some stuff on illustration updates early, but mostly you'll just have to wait.
The story, for those of you that are interested, is going to revolve around two planets in a distant solar system that were on a collision course. The inhabitants worked together to create a permanent solution to the dilemma, by attempting to connect their worlds. When the demands of this task can't be met a third race from a neighboring planet steps in to help, and successfully brings the two worlds into an age of harmony.
This good deed comes with a price. between the two worlds a stronghold is to be constructed. The inhabitants don't know what for, but after nearly a millennium of hard work the structure is completed and a new task is needed. The collection of interdimensional wildlife. The story will follow the trials and tribulations of one young cadet as he tries to wrap his mind around the complexities of the task that has been bestowed upon him, and you'll get to journey with him through illustration, and concept art.

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