Monday, August 31, 2009


Come on out friends. I'm going to be at Art Murmur in Oakland. More importantly my artwork will be up at the Skate Deck show. I'll probably be walking around to all the different galleries, but I'll be at Termnal22 probably around the beginning for a little longer than the others. Then all the other galleries, and possibly a bar after that. I hope to see you there, because it's always nice to see a familiar face.
In other news, I'm finishing up a couple things for my concept art portfolio. I'm hoping to get a job in that field soon. I thought I should mention it since it's been eating up a majority of my artwork time. I'll take my other projects off the back-burner later, but this is important. I'm also debating starting a bay area club for artists, the meetings of which would take place in San Francisco. Would any of you be interested? I might go more in depth on that later. Hope everyone has a good week, but hey, if you have a bad week you can always go to art murmur to finish it off right :-)

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